13 Mar 2020

GPHA prepared for COVID 19 infestation- Head Health Services

Head of Health Services for the Port of Takoradi, Dr. George Tawiah Tidakabi has assured of their preparedness to assess and contain any COVID 19 infested case.

The port authorities have taken precautionary measures to prepare two holding facilities; one at the wharf [inside the port] and another within the GPHA hospital’s premises. Dr. Tidakabi told Skyy News yesterday, that the two holding facilities serve distinct but complementary cases, related to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“The one in the port is meant for cases that will disembark or maybe they are still in the ship. Usually, Port Health will go in and assess the health of all the crew and if there’s any suspicion they alert us, then we bring the person to the holding area in the port. “But the one at the hospital is meant for those who will walk into our facility and after examination, we suspect the person has coronavirus” he stated

The Holding Facility at the GPHA Hospital
Holding facility at the wharf [inside the port]

He rated that preparations are about 90 percent complete and that they are awaiting supporting from the Ministry of Health to augment their stock.

“Currently, preparation is about 90 percent. We have all the items required to furnish the place ready. We have emergency PPEs, …they are not sufficient. The rest are going through the process for procurement and its also 90 percent completed. “The Ministry of Health through the metropolitan health directorate has promised us some support, so definitely support is on the way” he explained.

Dr Tidakabi added that staff of the facility are undergoing training as recommended by the WHO and the Ministry of Health, so they could adequately manage the pandemic.


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