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For some time now, I hardly carry cash enough along with me when I am going to work, to the pub to watch football or any social event. This is because I do most financial transactions on my phone (e-money) but in certain cases, I have no option but to pay with cash. In the same vein, technology has taken the state of vehicles high up the ladder of comfort, safety, and smartness.

Inasmuch as we have high-tech and safety gadgets in our modern cars now, there are incidents which will be out of our control and extra help will be needed. There are some tools and gadgets which can be of assistance in times of accidents or danger and they do not cost that much.

Dashboard camera (dashcam)

I have never been involved in a vehicular accident but sometimes, I just imagine a car owner, explaining to her insurance company, how the accident, which she survived, was not her fault even after the accident investigation and she should be eligible to receive payment.

A dashboard camera

The dashcam, as its name goes, is a camera placed on the dashboard of a vehicle to record events for future reference. Mostly used by the security services especially the police service (even though it’s not popular in Ghana) and folks who are on a travelling experience and want to capture the moment. Having one in your car will help validate your point in cases of vehicular accidents, accused of jumping the red light or any road incident where video support will be crucial. A standard dashcam cost about $50.00 on various online shops. On the 25th of January 2020 @thingswork (how things work) posted a video on its timeline with the source quoted as a business insider, check

In that video, an illustration is made of a vehicle, which has steering off its lane on a bridge and drove straight into the river. The main point of the video is how to escape from your vehicle when it is sinking and get to safety. These are things I want to highlight


 Seat belt cutter

I remember one time, I was getting down from a taxi, in a hurry to get down and attend to an urgent issue and that was when the seat belt buckle decided not to come out. There are fewer scenarios more stressful than this.


A combination of window glass breaker and seat belt cutter

A sharp mini knife


Now, imagine yourself involved in a head-on collision, you need to get out of the car as soon as possible and the seatbelt buckle fails to unlock. That will set you in a panic mood. That is why it is necessary to have a sharp cutting object, either a knife or a proper seat belt cutter. I need not explain further its uses. Just cut off the seat belt, open the door and make your way to safety.


Window glass breaker

Just as the name goes, it is used to break the glass of the car’s window in case of an accident or you are trapped in the vehicle when you need to find your way out. It is very handy and you can store it in your glove box. Also, the head restraint of your vehicle can be detached and used as a glass breaker in case of an emergency.

Image result for how to remove head restraints



As a football fan, as well as others, we are quite familiar with this little object. It serves more purpose than calling players to order on the football pitch, fouls and closing the game. The whistle is used to draw the attention of people around a specific area to an ongoing event.

A whistle can be a lifesaving tool and having one in your car is a very good idea. You can hang it around the rearview mirror for easy access or in your glove box. Whenever you are involved in a crash and you can’t get out of the car, the whistle can alert people around of your presence and the will come to your rescue.

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In Ghana, there's a proverb that says, “too much fish or meat does not spoil the soup “

As I said initially, modern cars have been safer, smarter and more comfortable but these gadgets will be essential in times of dire situations.


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