24 Feb 2020

NaCCA boss- 'I applied for and won the scholarship in 2012'

The executive secretary of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), Dr Prince Hamid Armah, has debunked reports that he misused the GETFund scholarship scheme during his time in office.

He explained that he was even a needy student at the time he applied for a GETFund scholarship to study for a doctorate degree in 2012. Reports say that Dr Armah, the NaCCA boss, received £38,400 for living expense and £33,000 for tuition.

Responding to these claims Dr Armah in a Facebook post said the scholarship precedes the time before his current position as the boss of the NaCCA, therefore he urged the public to "disregard this palpably false story". He went on to say that him getting the award was validated by the awards and grants he won during the time he was studying in the united kingdom, stating that he returned to Ghana after his course to carry out his national duty of spreading the acquisition of quality education for all Ghanaian children. Dr Armah and other government officials have been listed in an audited account of the scholarship secretariat as beneficiaries of GETFund scholarships for various studies abroad.

Below is Dr Armah's statement:

  1.  That I am indeed a proud and grateful recipient of a Ghana Education Trust Fund scholarship.
  2. That I applied for and won the scholarship in 2012 to study for a doctorate in Mathematics Education at the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom in 2012
  3. That not only was this scholarship deserved, it was validated, if that were needed, by several awards and grants awarded by various institutions in the United Kingdom during my period of study
  4. That in fulfilment of the promise I made, I immediately returned to Ghana after my studies, despite the opportunity and ability to remain in the UK to take up more lucrative appointments.
  5. That I believe that the scholarship scheme we have is best used to support needy students, as I was then, in order to give them a chance to contribute to the task of nation-building, as I have done every day since my studies.
  6. In conclusion, I urge the public to disregard this palpably false story that is driven purely by the worst political instincts that we must work to banish from my nation, while we actively work to expand opportunity and bridge the social and economic inequalities in our nation, a task I am fully committed to in my duties at the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.


Prince Hamid Armah, PhD
Executive Secretary
National Council for Curriculum and Assessment


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